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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Specialized Truck & Auto Service provides complete auto air conditioning repair and maintenance. Beginning with thorough diagnostics and ending with freezing cold auto air conditioning, we bring your car or truck’s A/C system back to full operation.

Newer vehicle’s A/C systems are advanced and need to be checked periodically. Small leaks can occur where least expected.

A very small amount of contaminant inside the system can start causing trouble for your truck or auto air conditioning. The result can cause poor cooling.

There are also other components involved if your vehicle is equipped with dual climate zone and auto temperature controls, that can also cause A/C problems.

AC Repair Mechanic

We perform the following A/C repair services:

  • R134a leak detection
  • Temperature testing
  • Compressor inspection
  • Condenser inspection
  • Evaporator inspection
  • Accumulator inspection
  • Expansion valve inspection
  • Orifice tube inspection
  • Freon evacuation & recharge
  • O-ring connection inspection & replacement

Don’t wait until the temperatures in our area get TOO hot! Call Specialized Truck and Auto Service today to schedule your air conditioning inspection! 281-883-8362