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Why should I service my vehicle at this Humble Auto Repair Shop?

Steering and Alignment

Ever felt like your vehicle was pulling to the left or right when you were holding the steering wheel straight? That’s a sure clue that your vehicle is out of alignment. Alignment issues create unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and prevent you from having full control of your vehicle. Specialized Truck and Auto cares about your vehicle safety and has the equipment necessary to take care of any alignment issues you may have.


Life has some bumps and so do the roads we travel! Your vehicle’s suspension helps maneuver your wheels to stay close to the road’s surface and give you full driving control. If your car repeatedly bounces when you hit a bump, this is not a good sign. You only want to experience that kind of “air” at your local amusement park! You can count on our skilled mechanics at Specialized Truck and Auto to make your ride as smooth as possible.

Belts and Hoses

The ear piercing, high-pitched squeal of a damaged serpentine belt is a sound you’ll never forget! Belts and hoses are the backbone to making your vehicle function properly. The alternator, heat and air conditioning, and brakes, to mention a few, rely on the system of pulleys and hoses to transfer fluid and power to their mechanisms. Over time, these belts and hoses crack, rust, or leak and need to be replaced. Specialized Truck and Auto adheres to factory maintenance schedules to ensure your belts and hoses are replaced BEFORE they wear out. This will save you money in the long run and prevent expensive car repairs.


The transmission transfers power to your wheels and helps you shift to achieve the best ride possible. Be mindful of the warning signs: Slipping gears, rough shifting, red leaking fluid, and lack of power when passing cars. Specialized Truck and Auto can provide you with an accurate assessment of your transmission condition and give you an honest estimate for any needed repairs. They can also change your transmission fluid at regular intervals which can many times, prevent damage to your transmission.


Your muffler not only reduces your engine noise level but cuts down on exhaust fumes. In Texas, vehicle emission levels are closely monitored and must meet state requirements to be considered street legal. Your exhaust is a complex system of oxygen sensors, catalytic convertors, and the muffler. Specialized Truck and Auto has the emissions testing equipment to “sniff out” any problems and get you right back on the road.

Diagnostic Services

Is your check engine light on? Why? It is important to find out why your “Check Engine” light is on to prevent more damage to your car & its emissions system. We can find out why it is on and give you a comprehensive estimate to repair and possibly prevent further damage that may cost you more down the road.

Brake Repairs

When you need to stop and stop quickly, every component of your brakes, whether pads, shoes, drums or rotors, need to be in tip-top shape. At Specialized Truck and Auto, we can test every brake component to know whether they need to be serviced or replaced. Warning signs of brake problems are: Low or hard brake pedal, continuous brake warning light, or continuous squealing or grinding brakes. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your brakes. A little preventative maintenance can help you drive safely in many emergency situations.