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Truck & Car Belt Replacements

The ear piercing, high-pitched squeal of a damaged serpentine belt is a sound you’ll never forget! Belts and hoses are the foundation of all your accessories in making your vehicle function properly. The alternator, air conditioning, power steering, water pump, to mention a few, rely on pulleys and belts to provide the necessary power to run these systems. Over time, these belts and hoses crack, rust, or leak or need to be replaced. Specialized Truck and Auto Service can maintain and replace all belts and hoses and ensure that all pulleys are in proper alignment. This will make sure your vehicle is running tip top at 100% to prevent costly breakdowns.

For a thorough inspection of all of your belts and hoses, contact Specialized Truck and Auto Service or call 281-883-8362.

Truck and car belt replacements