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The transmission transfers power to your driveshaft and/or axles then eventually to the drive wheels and helps you shift to achieve smooth acceleration as you increase your speed. Be mindful of the warning signs: Slipping gears, rough shifting, red leaking fluid, and lack of power when passing cars. Specialized Truck and Auto Service can provide you with an accurate assessment of your transmission condition and give you an honest estimate for any needed repairs. 

They can also change your transmission fluid at regular intervals which can many times, prevent damage to your transmission. At Specialized Truck & Auto Service we promote BG Products. The BG Transmission Fluid Exchange is one of the best Transmission Maintenance Service in the industry and we highly recommend their Transmission Fluid Exchange package which includes a special cleaner/varnish remover that is added to your current fluid before the service is performed, the vehicle is then brought up to running temperature while the varnish and deposits that need to be removed are suspended in the fluid just before it is removed. 

The BG Transmission Exchange Machine then pushes all the old fluid out and introduces brand new Transmission Fluid into the transmission. Thus, all the fluid is replaced with new fluid including: the transmission pan, the valve body, the torque converter, the transmission cooler, and the cooler lines. Completion of the transmission service includes adding the BG ATC (Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner) and bringing the fluid level to the proper fill line. Prior to this advance transmission maintenance service, the transmission pan would be removed, draining only the 4 or 5 quarts in the pan and some of the valve body, then the new 4 or 5 quarts would be added to mix with the 8-10 quarts of old/dirty fluid.

Transmission Mechanic

Please call Specialized Truck and Auto Service as prices may vary due to different types of transmission fluids used. We look forward to servicing all of your transmission needs – 281-883-8362