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Fleet Management and What to Consider

A fleet is all the commercial vehicles owned or leased by a company. It can include cars, trucks, construction machinery, airplanes, ships, and rail cars.

Fleet management is the process of managing all aspects of the fleet. Fleet management can include

  • Buying or leasing
  • Selling
  • Financing
  • Driver health and safety
  • Maintenance
  • Licensing
  • Inspections
  • Supply chain
  • Handling accidents
  • Tracking
  • Managing drivers
  • Speed management
  • Fuel management

Fleet management has several goals. It should

  • Save you money
  • Protect driver safety
  • Ensure compliance with rules and regulations
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Rotate vehicles to optimize usage
  • Ensure proper maintenance
  • Track the location of cars and trucks at all times

Fleets can range from two autos to thousands of vehicles. Any fleet with 15 or fewer vehicles is considered small. Large fleets have more than 15 vehicles. The larger the fleet, the more complicated it is to manage. However, even small fleets can benefit from management programs.

There are several types of software out there. You want one that integrates its different features. You also want geolocation and GPS tracking. They let you locate any vehicle in your fleet at any time.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking provides real-time location information. In today’s world, it is essential. It lets you know where your cars and trucks are. It also helps you keep track of your inventory.

Driver Behavior

Your system should help you monitor driver behavior. It can track speed, braking, lane changes, and other indicators of erratic behavior. Combined with effective driver training programs, this type of monitoring can reduce the number of accidents in your fleet.


The larger your fleet, the harder it is to track drivers, cars, and trucks. Geo-fencing is a great way to help control where they are. You can set a perimeter, and the system shuts off cars, trucks, or machinery if they go beyond it. Of course, it protects you from employee theft. More importantly, it helps protect your employees. Geo-fencing can help prevent highjacking and carjacking. It is a great safety feature. You need it if your drivers move high-value items.

Remote Disabling

Another excellent safety feature is remote vehicle disabling. These systems allow your users to disable vehicles from a distance safely. They usually include multiple elements. You can keep engines from starting. Advanced systems even let you shut down cars or trucks while in motion. You can stop or slow vehicles gradually and safely.

Combining these remote disabling systems with driver panic systems can help protect your drivers. They use a panic system to notify you that they have safety concerns. You can keep the vehicle from moving while the driver appears to comply with any instructions they may be getting from potential highjackers.

Lifecycle Management

You want to replace cars and trucks as they age to keep your fleet in tip-top shape. However, replacement does not depend solely on their age. You also need to consider usage, mileage, and the individual specs of each vehicle. Fleet management software can help you predict when to replace each type of vehicle.


We also suggest choosing software that includes onboard mechanical diagnostics for all vehicles. These systems connect to onboard computers. When a code appears in the vehicle, it also appears in the software. Your fleet manager gets notified. Then, you can schedule service or repair to handle that code.

Fleet Servicing

Your fleet management software will notify you when your fleet vehicles need servicing. That is where we can help. We are a full-service garage that handles all types of cars and trucks. We are conveniently located near Beltway 8, Highway 59, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).


We handle fleet service, maintenance, and repairs. Our services include

  • Oil changes
  • Brakes
  • State inspections
  • Exhausts
  • Suspensions
  • Engine work
  • Repairs

We understand how important it is to keep your fleet operational. So, we provide quick and reliable repairs for your fleet vehicles. We also schedule maintenance so you can coordinate regular maintenance requirements in the least disruptive manner.

As a full-service garage, we can handle your fleet’s automobiles. We also specialize in heavy-duty trucks and equipment, including.

  • Ram 5500
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford F-350
  • Ford F-450
  • Ford F-550
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500


Set Up An Account


We can work with you to set up an account for fleet services. You can preset spending limits and require authorization for work that exceeds those limits.


We also work with third-party payers. We will register with your third-party payer to be recognized as a certified repair shop. Currently, we are certified with

  • Holman ARI
  • Enterprise Fleet Management
  • Element Fleet Services


Managing your fleet can be challenging. Service and repair should not be. Let Specialized Truck and Auto handle it for you.