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FORD F-Power Stroke 6.0 liter EGR Cooler Concerns

At Specialized Truck and Auto Service, we have the Ford Masters Training and the experience necessary to provide a permanent repair to your F-Series 6.0-liter Power-stroke. Some owners have replaced the EGR Coolers on these diesel engines more than 2 times. That can be costly.


Most 6.0 diesels engines will rupture an EGR Cooler before it arrives at 100,000 miles, particularly if you are consistently pulling heavy loads. We offer a permanent fix that once completed will make your Ford 6.0L Power-stroke bulletproof. 


The factory EGR Cooler installed on this truck experiences temperatures above 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and while the engineering behind it works well to re-circulate exhaust gases back into the intake system, it can only withstand that kind of heat for so long before it ruptures. When it does, the exhaust gases end up in the cooling system and coolant gets blown out of the exhaust showing up as white smoke, sometimes being incorrectly diagnosed as a blown head gasket. This makes a mess in the cooling system.


There is an aftermarket EGR Cooler and EGR Valve, that when replaced according to specification with a performance diesel programmer will end up increasing performance and fuel mileage. If you own a Ford 6.0 liter diesel Engine, do yourself a favor and let the Diesel Technicians at Specialized Truck and Auto Service provide a comprehensive diagnostic on your Power-stroke. If you have any questions or concerns about your power-stroke, you are welcomed to contact us (281-883-8362) and we’d be happy to assist you. Also, you can visit our website to learn more about us at.