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Is Engine Rebuild Worth It? Let’s Discuss…

Is engine rebuild worth it? we answer this question in this blog.

Big trucks can last for years.  They may drive a million miles or more.  Even smaller diesel trucks routinely drive hundreds of thousands of miles. Those miles can take a toll on an engine.  That is why it is common to rebuild truck engines. 

Sometimes called an overhaul, rebuilding a truck engine can make it close to new.  However, engine rebuilds are not always the best choice.   

The quality of a rebuild depends on the quality of the parts and the quality of the mechanic.  Before picking from the engine rebuild shops around me, talk to their mechanics and look at customer reviews.  You want to choose a highly-rated shop that will guarantee their work. 

When to Rebuild a Truck Engine? 

In passenger cars, engine rebuilds usually happen after an engine failure.  In large diesel trucks, engine rebuilds are preventative maintenance. Traditionally performed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 miles, engine rebuilds can improve mileage and extend the engine’s life. Smaller trucks may not need to be rebuilt if properly maintained.  

What Is an Engine Overhaul? 

You may hear overhaul and rebuild used interchangeably. Both terms can refer to anything from replacing worn parts to a complete teardown of the engine.  When you are getting quotes, make sure you are comparing the same services. 

How do you do that?  Ask the mechanic for a detailed estimate.  The estimate should include parts and labor.  Ask questions if the estimate is unclear.  Get the answers in writing.   

What Is an Overhaul Kit? 

You may have heard of overall kits.  Engine manufacturers often provide complete kits designed to replace frequently worn parts.  Engine overhaul kits may include new: 

  • Thermostats;
  • Pistons; 
  • Rings; 
  • Skirts;
  • Pins; 
  • EGR valve;
  • Oil-pressure regulator;
  • Valve-train components;
  • Gaskets;
  • Cylinder head hardware; and
  • Connecting rod. 

Can I Supply the Overhaul Kit?

Many customers want to know if we will use parts that they supply.  The answer is no.  We know you want to save money.  We want to save you money.  However, we also have quality standards that we are determined to meet. 

We cannot warranty parts we do not provide.  The quality of the part can significantly impact the quality of the rebuild. 

We stand by our work and the quality of the parts we use.  We offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor.  For those reasons, we cannot use the parts you supply. 

Are Rebuilt Engines Good as New?

Honestly, the quality of the mechanic impacts the quality of the rebuild.  A poor quality rebuild can shorten the life of your engine.  A rebuild by a skilled mechanic using high-quality parts can add hundreds of thousands of miles to the life of your truck.

Are all rebuilt engines good as new?  No.  Are the engines we rebuild good as new?  Sometimes, they are even better than new. 

Is Rebuilding an Engine Cheaper than Buying an Engine? 

Yes. A scheduled overhaul is almost always less expensive than a new engine.  Rebuilding to repair is usually cheaper than buying a new engine, too.  You may save up to half of the cost of a new engine by rebuilding.  

However, sometimes rebuilding is not a good option.  In cases where rebuilding will cost as much as a new engine, your mechanic should be upfront about those costs.  At Specialized Truck and Auto, we offer straightforward upfront pricing.  With that information, you can make an informed decision about whether to rebuild, buy a new engine, or replace your vehicle. 

Can You Rebuild Other Engines? 

We can rebuild almost any type of engine.  Rebuilds can be for maintenance, repair, or to improve performance specifications. 

Rebuild specs and suggestions vary according to the type of engine. At Specialized Truck and Auto, we focus on light and medium-duty trucks.  We can rebuild gas and diesel motors. 

We overhaul engines for the Ford F Series.  Those trucks include the F150, F250, F350, F450, and F550.  We also work on the Ford E Series.  Those trucks include the E350 and E450.  We also work on Ford Powerstrokes for 6.0, 6.7, and 7.3 engines. 

We work on a variety of Dodge engines.  We can rebuild Dodge diesel engines, also known as Cummins motors.  If you have a gas HEMI motor, we can overhaul them, too. 

For Chevrolet, we handle the Duramax diesel motors.  We also rebuild LS Chevy gas motors. 

If you do not see your engine or are unsure about your engine type, contact us.  We can let you know if we rebuild engines for your make and model.  We can also help you compare prices.  For some vehicles, an engine rebuild is not a good investment. 

When to Get Your Engine Checked? 

Your vehicle comes with a maintenance schedule.  That schedule may vary depending on how you use your truck. Make sure you are doing suggested maintenance at the proper interval.  It will extend the life of your engine. 

You also want to check your engine every time you get a check engine light on your instrument panel.  These lights are an early warning system.  Getting them checked immediately can help prevent serious problems.   

Can I DIY an Engine Rebuild? 

Maybe.  If you have the tools, skills, time, money, and patience, you can rebuild an engine.  Most people do not have all of those things. 

We think an engine rebuild can be a fun DIY project.  Of course, we are a bunch of mechanics.  For most people, a rebuild quickly morphs from fun DIY to a disaster.   It is complicated and time-consuming.  The parts are expensive.  Doing it wrong can lead to additional costly repairs.  

For those reasons, we suggest leaving your engine rebuild to the professionals. 

Understanding Diagnostics

You have probably heard about codes.  Mechanics use diagnostic tools to get more information from your check engine light.  Error codes tell us what is wrong with your engine.  A check engine light could be anything from a needed oil change to a severe engine problem.  Knowing the problem can save tons of money when you are beginning repairs.   

At Specialized Truck and Auto, we offer quality, affordable repairs.  If you are experiencing engine problems, we will diagnose the problem and give you a reliable repair estimate.  If your engine needs rebuilding or replacing, we can offer estimates for both.  Finally, we offer a 3-year/36,000-month warranty on our engine rebuilds.  We are your best choice for local engine rebuilds.